Sixteen years ago I met an Englishman on a sofa in a fraternity at Penn State.  Now we’re living in a tiny flat in London with a shaggy Bearded Collie called Ella.   When I tell people in America that I live abroad there is always a brief pause, a moment when a whole life is imagined, something romantic or exotic, quirky or adventurous, something that reveals more about the person doing the imagining than the reality of my life. 

‘Storm in a Teacup’ is a title that seems to work on various levels, the most obvious being my status as a passionate American girl living in England, a place renowned for its tea.  But the true meaning of this expression gets more to the heart of what this blog is about.  A storm in a teacup is a small event that has been totally exaggerated out of proportion, and in essence this blog is a space where I’d like to bring awareness to tiny seemingly insignificant things.  

Living life in the modern world is a precarious balance.  It isn’t surprising that as a society we are riddled with anxiety, vaguely aware that everything could unravel at any moment.  My antidote to this life-devouring malaise is to honour the storm, to look closely at the things I don’t understand, to treat the upsets and the irritations as tea leaves at the bottom of a china cup. 

Everything I write here will be an attempt to connect with the people in my life, both near and far, the place where I live, the events of my day, and the words themselves.  There is no limit to what you might find here.  A new recipe for pecan pie may be followed by my thoughts on a poem by Mary Oliver.  Feel free to come and go as you please.  Curl up with a cup of tea and wait out the storm.


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  1. junglehouse

    I am honored to be the first to view your tea cup! I know you have been to my Junglehouse blog too and in fact>>> the REAL Junglehouse on several occasions. I know you will have lots of quality time with memories both old and new and in the writing down of such memories your teacup will grow into that larger world you can only imagine. There is a common saying; (it’s a small world) but my own coined phrase is “It’s a Connected world” Heave Ho and full speed ahead Andrea. Happy Blogging, love Aunt Gina

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